Discoverers (3 - 5 years)

Because older children need to prepare for school, you will find subtle differences in the Discoverers' room.

Activities can be set at different levels to develop each child's individual abilities. Number recognition and counting are encouraged each day through songs, rhymes and numeracy and problem solving activities. Handwriting skills are gradually encouraged through drawing, tracing, joining-the-dots and mark-making. Threading and peg boards also help to hone fine motor skills.

Discoverers spend a great deal of time outside playing and learning in the garden. Wet weather is no barrier to fun when wrapped up in their all-in-one waterproof suits and wellies splashing in puddles is the order of the day.

Our welly days provide an opportunity for Discoverers to spend most of the day outside making the most of the outdoor space. Short outings to the park, on the bus, and to the station further develop their awareness of the world around them and provide more opportunities for fun.

Encouraging independence

Children are supported to develop more advanced self-help skills so that by the time they are ready for school they can put on and fasten their coat, take off and put on shoes, go to the toilet, wash their hands and wipe their nose.

Sweet dreams

Any Discoverers who like to nap at lunchtime are able to join their Pioneer friends for a quiet lie down and a rest.

Keeping you informed

At the end of each day, parents receive a diary to give you an insight into what your child has done throughout the day.

Your child will be encouraged to recall what they have explored during the morning and the staff will capture this for the diary.

Children of this age produce many drawings and artworks that will be placed in their tray for you to take home. Displays on the wall also allow you and your child to take pride in their achievements.